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This is a sample tenancy agreement form for reference only. Student Accommodation UK cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions, use or validation of this agreement. 

This agreement is a legally binding document. Signing it means that the landlord/lady is temporarily transferring possession of the property concerned to the property concerned to the tenant named below. The landlord/lady should be aware that the property couldn’t be repossessed before the tenancy expires unless the tenant gives up the tenancy or breaks the tenancy agreement, and that in the latter case a court order is required. The tenant should be aware that s/he is bound for the full term of the tenancy and will not be released from his/her obligations (for example, to pat rent) before the tenancy expires without the consent of the landlord/lady.

Your student accommodation agreement


(For letting property under Part I of the Housing Act 1988, as amended by the Housing Act 1996)






Telephone Number


Name                                                                 Name

Address                                                             Address

Telephone Number                                             Telephone Number

Where this agreement names two or more individuals as tenants the obligations are enforceable against all of them jointly and against each of them separately.

The tenant should be aware that if two or more persons are named as tenants in this agreement, then it is probable that a joint tenancy has been created. This means that all the persons named may, for example, be held responsible for each other’s rents.  


Address of the property;

123 Any Street, Any Town, X11 Y22


A fixed term of                   Months/years (please delete as appropriate) from                   

            /          /                    To                      /         



It is agreed that the weekly/monthly/quarterly rent (please delete as appropriate) for the above property shall be           and that this rent will be payable in advance by equal weekly/monthly/quarterly payments (please delete as appropriate) on the first payment being made on                                       /       

It is also agreed that this rent will be exclusive /inclusive of the following charges (if applicable):  

(Please delete as appropriate and insert amount if inclusive)  



    • GAS                          Exclusive/Inclusive

    • Electrical                    Exclusive/Inclusive  

    • Water Rates               Exclusive/Inclusive

    • Telephone                  Exclusive/Inclusive  

    • Council Tax                Exclusive/Inclusive

    • Other (please specify) Exclusive/Inclusive





It is agreed that the tenant will pay the landlord/lady a deposit of            on           /   

And that this deposit will be held by the landlord/lady as security against the following:

Any damage to the property or any shared or common parts (fair wear and tear expected)

Any damage to the furnishings or other equipment provided (fair wear and tear expected)

any unpaid rent or other charges included in the rent if applicable).


It is agreed that the landlord/lady will issue a receipt for this deposit and that the full amount 

paid less any lawful deductions) will be returned to the tenant either within 14 days of the expiry of 

this agreement, or within 14 days of the tenant vacating the property with the landlord/lady’s consent,

whichever is the sooner. 

General provisions

Type of Tenancy

1. This agreement is intended to create an Assured Short hold tenancy as defined as defined in section 20 of the Housing Act 1988. This means that the provisions for the recovery of possession by the land/lord/lady contained in section 21 of the Act (as amended by Section 99 of the Housing Act 19960 apply and also that on expiry of the fixed term the tenant is extremely unlikely to have any defense against possession proceedings.

Equal Opportunities

2. Both parties to this agreement endorse the concept of equal opportunities and oppose discrimination on the grounds of ethic group, nationality, sex, marital states, family commitments, disability, age, political or religious beliefs, spent or irrelevant criminal convictions, trade union activity, HIV status, or sexuality.

Definition of Key terms

3. The terms “landlord” and “tenant” include not only the persons named in this agreement, but also any other persons who may legally succeed them.

4. The term “property” refers to the precise location and part of the property concerned, plus any shared or common areas which the tenant may have use of, as identified above. It also refers to any fixtures, furniture or effects provided by the landlord/lady.  


Rent and Other Charges

The tenant will;

1) Pay the rent at times and in the manner specified.

2) Pay direct to the relevant companies or other bodies concerned the full cost of any gas, electric light or power consumed or supplied on or to the property during the tenancy (or an appropriate proportion of the full cost if applicable), provided that these costs are not otherwise recoverable through the rent.

3) Pay direct to the relevant companies or other bodies concerned the full cost of any water rates and the amount of all charges made for the rental and use of any telephone on the property during the tenancy (or an appropriate proportion of the full cost if applicable), provided that these costs are not otherwise recoverable through the rent.

4) Perform and observe any obligations arising under the Local Government Finance Act 1992 (or any subsequent regulations) requiring payment of the Council Tax.  

Looking after the property

The tenant will;

5) Not damage or injure the property (fair wear and tear expected) or make any alterations or additions to it

For example, redecoration which should never be undertaken without prior permission

6) Ensure that the furnishings and any other fixtures, fittings or effects provided by the landlord/lady are not destroyed, damaged (fair wear and tear expected) or removed from the property without prior permission.

7) Attend to any minor repairs (such as replacing light bulbs) or preventative maintenance (such as draining the water system if the property is to be left unoccupied during the winter) which s/he may reasonably be expected to undertake.

8) Notify the landlord/lady (in writing if possible) of all other repairs and/or necessary maintenance work as soon as possible.  


Allowing Access

The tenant will;

9) Permit the landlord/lady or his/her agents or employees to enter and inspect the property from time to time provided that any such visits are pre-arranged and are conducted at reasonable hours in the daytime (except in the case of emergencies).  


10) Permit the landlord/lady or his/her agents or employees to enter and view the property with prospective tenants during the last three months of the tenancy provided that any such visits are pre-arranged and conducted during reasonable hours in the daytime.


The tenant will;

11) Not sublet, assign or otherwise part with possession of the property without prior written permission;

12) Not use the property for any purpose other than of a private residence;

13) Not do or allow to be done on the property by him/herself or anybody residing in or visiting the property anything which may be or may become a nuisance or annoyance to the landlord/lady or any occupiers of adjoining or neighbouring premises or any person visiting or otherwise engaging in a lawful activity in the locality.  

The tenant is urged to avoid making loud noise between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am and to note that s/he may be responsible for any noise or other such nuisance or annoyance caused by any friends or other person visiting the property

14) Not do or allow to be done on the property anything, which may invalidate any buildings insurance policy which may be held in respect of the property or which may cause the premium for any such insurance to be increased. The landlord/lady is required to produce a copy of such policy to the tenant if so requested.

15) Not to keep any pets on the property without the landlord/lady’s prior written permission.

16) Not use the property or allow it to be used for immoral or illegal purposes

17) Not commit an arrest able offence in, or in the locality of, the property.  

Handing the Property Back

The tenant will;

18) Hand the property back at the end of the tenancy in the same clean state and condition as it was at the beginning (fair wear and tear excepted).

19) Pay for the repair or replacement of any furnishings or any other fixtures, fittings or other equipment provided by the landlord/lady which have been broken, lost, damaged or destroyed during the tenancy (fair wear and tear excepted).

20) ensure that any items of furniture or other equipment which have been moved during the tenancy are returned to the rooms or places specified in the inventory.


If the tenant fails to pay any part of the rent within 14 days of the date on which it is due (whether or not it has been demanded) or otherwise breaches or fails to perform any of the obligations set out in this agreement, then the landlord/lady will have the right to forfeit the tenancy by re-entering and repossessing the property.

The landlord/lady agrees to;

 1) Pay and indemnify the tenant against any rates, taxes, assessments or other charges which may fall due or be demanded in respect of the property (except those which are the responsibility of the tenant)

2) Allow the tenant to quietly posses and enjoy the property without unnecessary or unwarranted interference.

3) Return to the tenant any rent payable or offer suitable alternative accommodation for any period while s/he is either prevented from taking up occupation or is displaced from the property.

4) To carry out those repairs for which liability is imposed under section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 ( if applicable to the tenancy)

5) To comply with the City Council’s current ‘Guide and Standards for Houses in Multiple Occupation in Sheffield; (if applicable) and any other relevant statutory or other provisions.


The tenant is hereby notified that notices (including notices in proceedings) must be served on the landlord/lady by the tenant at the landlord/lady’s address at the head of this agreement or at the following address if an address has been inserted here.



Witnessed by (if present)                                       


Witnessed by (if present)                                        





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